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Who Gets Depression?





Depression can affect anyone,

but the effects may vary depending the age and sex of the person.

Women are almost twice as likely to become depressed as those of men.

The higher risk is due to the hormone changes brought on by the menstruation, menopause and pregnancy.


Men; their risk for depression is lower then women, (1 in 4women and 1 in 10 for men get depression) men are more likely you undiagnosed

and less likely to seek help from doctors.

They may show the symptoms do depression but are more likely to become angry and hostile to ward people,

they could makes their depression by using alcohol or drug abuse.


  Suicide is an especially serious risk for men with depression.

Who are four time likely than women to kill themselves.


Elderly, older people may lose loved ones and have to adjust to living alone, they themselves could be physical ill and unable to be as active as they used to be.
All these changes can make a contribution to the depression.

Loved ones may attribute the signs of depression to the normal result of aging.

Many older people are more reluctant to talk about their symptoms.

As a result, an older person may not receive treatment for their depression.















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