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Costs of cannabis varies widely.


Effects of cannabis

*Much like a cigarette, the effects are immediate and last from about and hour to a few hours. Smoking more will make the effect last longer.

      *Smoking a spliff makes most people happy, relaxed and at peace with the world. Some people have one puff and feel sick.
Others get the giggles until muscles in the face start to hurt.    


   *It is a mild hallucinogen, colours and sound appear brighter and sharper.   

    *It affects co-ordination, so it can make people a bit unsteady on their feet so doing complicated things like operating machinery not very good idea.

      *Some people use it to relive muscle pain associated with illnesses like MS (multiple sclerosis)  


     *Someone who has been smoking it a lot will have blood shot eyes and a dry mouth and may have their head in a food cupboard
as hunger pangs are known as getting the munchies.


The flip side to cannabis

*Anxious, panicky and suspicious      

* Cannabis screw with short term memory.


The risks

* Smoking cannabis may be more harmful than smoking tobacco.   

    *Smoking anything can give you heart problems, like bronchitis and cancer.   

    * Cannabis can make asthma worse. It is a bad idea if you have a heart disease, high blood pressure or if you are at risk from strokes.    

   *Using cannabis can cut a man’s sperm and suppress ovulation in a women.      

* Cannabis can cause a range of mental health problems.    

   * Smoking cannabis when pregnant may harm your baby. Babies tend to be lower in birth weight and have developmental problems.



* Cannabis comes in different forms. Hash is blackly-brown lump. Grass or weed is dried leaves of the plant. It looks like dried garden herbs.


The law      

*Cannabis is a class C drug. It is illegal to own and it is illegal to supply it. It is also an offence to grow cannabis.   

    *Possession can get you up to two years in prison and an unlimited fine.
Serious offences of supplying cannabis can get a longer sentences.









*Passing drugs among friends is supplying in the eyes of the law.     

  *Allowing people to take cannabis in your home or any other premises is illegal.   

    * a drug conviction could stand between you and you idea job.   

    * If police catch someone smoking cannabis in a club they will have the power to prosecute the landlord, club owner or the person holding the party








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