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Cost of heroin is from (average ) 100 pounds


Effects of heroin
      *Heroin slows down the body functioning and stops physical and psychological pain.    

   *Most users get a rush or a buzz a few minutes after taking it.    

   *A small does of heroin gives the users a feeling of warmth and well-being  

     *Bigger dose can make the user sleepy and very relaxed.   

  *The first dose of heroin can bring about dizziness and vomiting.


The risk

Death by overdose    
   *Excessive doses can lead to a coma and even death from respiratory failure.    

   *If heroin is taken with other drugs including alcohol, overdose is much more likely.    

   *Injecting heroin can do a nasty damage to the users veins and has been known to lead to gangrene.

      *The risks of sharing needles and other equipment lead to putting the users in danger of infections like hepatitis B or C and HIV / AIDS.


      *Heroin comes as a white power, when it is pure such as that used by doctors.
street heroin can be anything from brownish white to a brown coloured powder.


The law

*Heroin is a class A drug. This means that possessing it can lead to a prison sentence and a fine.
Supplying (even giving to friends) can lead to a much heavier prison sentence and a unlimited fine.


      *Passing the drug among friends is still seen a supplying in the eyes of the law.










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