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LSD costs from a pound

Effects of LSD can speed up and slow down time.

*Trips can speed up and slow down movement.     

  *Colour, sound and object can get distorted. Think dancing wallpaper, angry traffic cone, double vision Ect.   

    *Trips can make a happy person happier and freaked out person more panicky and confused.


The flips side of LSD

      * if the panic sets in the experience can be scary and confusing.   

    *bad trips can be terrifying.    

*flashbacks sometimes happen. This is when part of the trip is re-lived way after the trip was taken.
This is usually weeks or moths after taking the LSD but can be longer.



     *Usually sold as tiny squares of paper, which usually have pictures on them.


The law

*LSD is a class A drug, illegal to have, give away or sell. Possession can get the user a prison sentence .

Supplying someone can get the supplier a heavier prison sentence











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