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Magic Mushroom.



Cost of magic mushrooms from free (if known where to get them) if not starting roughly from five pounds.

Effects of magic mushroom

* A good trip can be a lot of fun (users say) a bad trip is the users worst nightmare come to life,
any sort of trip can have quite random and sometimes very frightening effects.

      * Somebody could be in a very nice place for about sex hours.   

    * As another time the user could be in a very frightening place.

      * The effects can be between 30 minutes to tow hours.
The strongest part of the trip takes four to ten hours. The after effects usually last a further two to six hours.   

    * Users are not in control of what you are dong..  

     * Things are distorted, sounds and colours are too.    

   * Users can feel sick and disoriented.


The risk
      *Eating the wrong kind of mushroom can make the user seriously ill, and even kill the user.  

     * Magic mushroom can complicate any mental health problem.


      *Psilocybin mushroom are small and tan coloured and bruised blue when they’re touched.      

*Amanita mushrooms are red and white spotted toadstools normal seen in a fairy tale book.


The law
      *It is not illegal to possess raw mushrooms. However the minute they are prepares (E.g. dried or stewed) they become a class A drug.

This means a possession can get the users a prison sentence by if the users is supplying the drug then a very heavier sentence is given plus a fine












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