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 Speed costs and average of £8+ per wrap


The effects of speed :       

  *Makes people feel wide awake, excited and very chatty. Clubbers love taking speed as they can dance for hours and not feel tired.

*Speed make the person less hungry in a result speed was once the main ingredient of diet pills.


The flips side of speed:

      *It is impossible to sit still or sleep on speed,       

  *The come down can make users feel irritable and depressed and can last for one or two days.    

     *Speed makes some people panicky. Sniff a lot in a short space of time and expect to have hallucinations .


The risks

*Speed users have died from over doses.

        *Speed puts strain on the heart, people taking speed with heart problems and high blood pressure can become fatal.  

       *Taking lots of speed can give your immune system a battering, you could get more colds, flu and sore throats.        

*Speed can lead to anxiety, depression, aggression and mental health problems.

        forms of speed       

  *Speed is normally sold in wraps and the power is and off white colour and can some times look like small crystals.

Base speed is purer and is a pinkish-grey colour and feels a bit like putty.


The law

  *Speed is a class B drug, which means it illegal to have, give away or sell.  

Prepared for injections speed becomes a class A drug and can get you a tougher sentence
if you are caught with it or selling it.















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