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This Page is for You've Done Nothing Wrong Links to other websites, authors, who have websites or books regarding the subjects covered by us.


Many of these books we have personally read, this is why we have added them the page.
Or We have personally meet them through interviews/ marches/rally's etc.

These people help so many people, and some times they don't even know how much they do help, each book,
magaizine article showing that people are talking and taking a stand against abuse helps other find the courage to come
forward and speak out about their own experiences.





Jayne Sterne.
Jayne Sterne's book Published in 2008.




Cathy Glass.
As 17 Books published since 2007.

cathy glass damaged book.cathy glass damaged book.




Sara Payne.
A Mother's story, as her daughter was abducted and murdered
by a known paedophile, in 2000.

         sara payne's book about her daughter, sarah payne.sara payne's book about her daughter, sarah payne.   

since the murder of her daughter Sara Payne has gone on to campaigned for SARAH'S LAW,
 and works closely with Shy Keenan,


Shy Keenan.

Author of two books by her self.








These are website that help, survivors of abuse, whether it is sexual, physical, emotional, drugs etc
some have been set up by survivors like our website.



NAPAC is the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, it is a registered charity based in the united kingdom,
the website provides support and information for people who were abused in their childhood
and are looking for support.
WE were lucky to meet the founder of NAPAC, just has I was setting up YDNW.


Childline is a charity that supports children, it covers all different topics from abuse, drugs, bullying, stressful subjects.
Childline is private and confidential, They are there for a the children to open up and talk about their feelings.
people can email or ring free of charge to speak to a childline counsellor.


Mind is a mental health website, who are there for support and advice for people
who want to learn or need somewhere to go regarding Mental Health. they can provide training support for those
living with mental health or for those supporting people with mental health.



Talk to Frank is a website for people to go if they are worried about drugs,
whether they are taking drugs, know someone who is, wants to know more about drugs,
there is information on drugs and support to help get off drugs.
































I would like to take this time to let you know that I am not a professional nor do I try to act like one,
I am simply running this website to help others get though what ever they are facing whether its current or in the past.


I am simply running this website as I have been though many different institutions in my life
time and thought that I would like to help others that may need help.



The facts and statistics that are on my website are those that I have researched and written in my own writing.
I have spend and still do spend time looking and reading all different books, research or website to help others
who are reading this website. I can give you the source of my research if need be as well just,
email me on 'contact us'.


Please bare with me while I am trying to update the website with
new pages and revising statistics.



The true life pages are of those who have contacted the page, with they own memory of what
they have been though, some have changed their names,
places etc. for their own protection.



Amy x