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Effects Of Physical Abuse. 





Physical abuse can be every traumatic and can have a long term effect on the persons health and there development of the persons life.     

Physical abuse can lead to physical injury, brain damage or disability, it can lead to the person having emotional, behavioural and educational problems.

For some people this can continue into their adulthood. E.g. if say a children was physical abused in their childhood it may mean they can’t form a personal relationships.

The frequency of the abuse and how long it goes on for will all encounter how much it affects the person.


First effects of child Physical abuse


Instant pain, suffering and medical problems which (as widely shown lately in the media)   Some cases end up causing death

by the physical abuse.



at least one person a week dies of the hands of physical abuse.


Emotional problems:      


Anger, fear (of things/people Ect) feeling of humiliation, very low self-esteem and hard to show how the person is feeling.


Behavioural problems can cause the person (who is being physical abused) to attack others and can play truancy (not going to school),

not being able to form friendships with peers, they may also form poor social skills of their age.


 Physical complaints :

      Some effects of the abuse can be
      Stomach aches
      Ect which are not directly caused by the physical abuse. These are widely known as psychosomatic indicators (self-induced indicators).








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