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Child Abuse:


Sexual child abuse is when an adult or an older child uses a child for sexual satisfaction. This may be forcing a child to carry

out sexual acts or knowingly showing a child adult pornographic videos or magazines, even filming/photographing

child in a sexual way or watching the child undress or touching the child inappropriate place (e.g. their private parts) for sexual

enjoyment for the abuser.


Girls and boys, babies to older children can be abused. The effects of sexual child abuse can be very damaging physical and

mental, and emotional and trusting damaging some children who have been abused go on to be abuser them selves.


Everyday there is an estimated 10 sexual attacks on children everyday, There is an estimated 110,000 convicted paedophile

that live in Britain but only an estimated 29,000 (or so) are on the sex offences register. Meaning that over 81,000 (or more) are

not monitored by the police as they are unknown to them.


Child sexual abusers may be a child’s (step or) parent, grand-parents, aunt, uncle, Teacher or even a friend of the family.

Child abuse is normally happens in secret and the abused child doesn’t tell anyone what is happen

or is happening.


Most abused children do know their abusers due to different reasons. Many don’t tell anyone what is happening to them they

are ashamed to admit what’s been going on. Many abusers hold responsible positions in the general public. Abusers normal have a

stable relationship and they can be heterosexual or homosexual, all different racial and religious backgrounds, they don’t always have

to only like children in sexually.





Sex Offenders: 




In the United Kingdom the sex offenders register is a database which can be accessed by only the police and probation

(and the other units surrounding the child protection units).

The database holds records of those who required to be registered with the systems due illegal sexual offences against

children (and adults) since September 1997(when it was first set up).

The register doesn’t include anyone who was convicted before 1997 due to it wasn’t in place when they were first convicted













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