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A paedophile is when an adult (or older children) becomes sexual attracted to young children, who may Kiss, touch, Watch children in sexual ways

(etc watching child porn, children on webcams on chat rooms performing sexually acts) Pictures of children in sexually ways (e.g. Performing

sex acts on themselves and others e.g. other children/adults) Sex acts can be from kissing to performing sex acts on themselves or an adult or

another child, it can even be full sex as well.


Paedophile erotica was coined in 1886, by a psychiatrists he gave some characteristics:

*Sexual interest in touching children either pre-pubescent or at beginning puberty.

*Sexual interest is the primary one, that is, exclusively or mainly towards young children

*Sexual interest remains over time.      


Paedophiles Can seem very perfectly ‘nice’ charming people they can be very cunning into

    what they want, with children’s confidence they can be clever with it and win it over so     the child becomes closer to them.

Paedophiles don’t have to look evil, weird, and dirty. They don’t have to act weird.   They just behave like any ‘normal’ person.

Most paedophiles are male some are women. Over half of paedophiles know their victims   though many different ways. Less than half are total strangers to their victims.

Some paedophiles can have 1 to 450 victims and same may only have 1 to 10 victims.


Paedophiles find their victims by

Schools/ Shopping centres.

Play grounds/ Parks/ Swimming pools.

Single-parent families and care homes.

Basically anywhere, where children spent time at.

They may help children by buying the, gifts (money/toys/sweets) they may teach them a sport, music entrustment, (etc) to bond with that child they will act very friendly and loving.










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