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A mother



My daughter was doing well at her school then one day she had a problem with a teacher, then everything changed. My daughter told me what the teacher had done to her, so my husband and I complained to the head teacher at the school and we were told that it was a internal matter and not to call the police.

We thought that the head had sorted it. Then we had problems getting our daughter to school,s he fought with us shouted at us and our families.

My husband and I were told that we would have to get our daughter to school if not we would be sent to court.


I used to sit at the school while our daughter was in lessons, but this did not help. Then one day the truancy officer told me that we were going to be taken to court. Our daughter could not cope with this, she thought the best way out of this problem that we were in was to take a overdose, {This is no the best out as she could have made herself very ill or died, so nobody do this please there is help if you have a problem}.

After this our daughter went to upper school and she still could not cope with the school, I had to sit in the car park while she went to her lessons, then we decided to remove our daughter from school and I taught at home.

Our daughter has done her GCSE'S with a group and has now started a new job, she is now getting her life back together, she still has day's when she is down,   but these day's are now rare.   This is why we have set up this web site, it is something that our daughter wants to do and it is so that so can help others with problems, as she to has been though problems herself.   We as a family are very proud of what our daughter is doing.















I would like to take this time to let you know that I am not a professional nor do I try to act like one,
I am simply running this website to help others get though what ever they are facing whether its current or in the past.


I am simply running this website as I have been though many different institutions in my life
time and thought that I would like to help others that may need help.



The facts and statistics that are on my website are those that I have researched and written in my own writing.
I have spend and still do spend time looking and reading all different books, research or website to help others
who are reading this website. I can give you the source of my research if need be as well just,
email me on 'contact us'.


Please bare with me while I am trying to update the website with
new pages and revising statistics.



The true life pages are of those who have contacted the page, with they own memory of what
they have been though, some have changed their names,
places etc. for their own protection.



Amy x